This annual collection not only supports the Holy Places, but above all provides for those pastoral, charitable, educational and social works which the Church supports in the Holy Land for the welfare of the Christian brethren and of the local communities. “Moreover, for two consecutive years, the Christians of the Holy Land have celebrated Easter and Christmas in a sort of isolation, without the warmth and solidarity of pilgrims visiting the Holy Places and local communities. Families have suffered beyond measure, more from the lack of work than from the immediate effects of the pandemic itself. It is by the express wish of the Popes that the collection “Pro Terra Sancta” was begun and continues to be taken up on the day of the saving Passion of our Lord, Good Friday. It is not something ancient or outdated, because it expresses above all our awareness of being rooted in the proclamation of redemption, which spread from Jerusalem and reached us all. The gesture of offering, even a small one, but by everyone, like the widow’s mite, allows our brothers and sisters to continue to live, to hope and to offer a living witness to the Word made flesh in places and on the streets that saw his presence.” Please be generous.